… simon says

Simon Flash

Simon Says... Have Fun!!!

DJ and I were playing Simon Flash! I love this game but really miss the original.  Hope you are all having a good night 😀



I’m sorry I haven’t posted any new pictures here in a few days.  I’ve been working on my 30 Day Challenge.  I will try and get some more pictures up soon!!

… and the car is fixed! (hopefully)

Four Way

Work In Progress


It’s been a two week process but we think it’s finally fixed… we hope *knocks on wood*

… the hands that hold my heart

So much for one photo a day… Today I have a few for you.  Hands!  I love hands! I think they, like our eyes, can be windows into our soul.  What do you hands say about you?  When I was working in a studio once I got this family and all they wanted were pictures of their hands.  The youngest boy had a Hematoma that covered the knuckles of his two middle fingers, he was going in to have it removed and they wanted pictures of his hands before the surgery along with the hands of the rest of the family. To this day that is my favorite photo session and I love that I got to do it for them.


Heart In Hands

The Hands That Hold My Heart


39 x 6 = ...

I'll Get There... Someday

I'll Get There... Someday

I've Got You

Don't Worry... I've Got You

Three Hands

My Boys... Eww... Did You Wash Your Hands Today?



And because he kept chanting “picture me” here is my Monkey (DJ, age 4)


My Monkey


… and the stars come out

"Hello Moon" ... "Hello Star"

Tree Silhouette

Watching the Clouds Go By